What Is A Panic Attack?

A panic attack is a rush of intense anxiety and physical symptoms.

They can be frightening and happen suddenly, often for no clear reason.

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Hi there, I have been suffering from panic attacks for many years. Some times worst than others. I have been collating information from other people who have suffered from the same thing and set up this site http://howlongdopanicattackslast.com If you have experienced panic attacks. Please submit a comment to my blog site. I hope that you may find something that is interesting or even better to help you.

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What Beat Anxiety, Panic Attacks For Life Readers Say…
“I found this book really helpful, I suffer from a phobia of vomit and also quite bad Panic Attacks; I found the techniques very useful and helpful in my day to day life! I will use the breathing exercises when I am feeling stressed or panicky, also the power of questions was one the most useful pieces of information I gained from this book, I used this technique when I felt myself starting to have a panic attack and I managed to ask myself questions and then calm myself down! This book was very easy to read and I have recommended it to many other people who suffer with similar anxiety problems”

Georgina Amor

“With the help of this book, I am towards a time when I can be free of this terrible feeling of panic, The breathing exercises are very simple and can be done anywhere without anyone noticing that you are panicky . I can thoroughly recommend this book which will definitely help you to get your peaceful life back”


“This book was really good in the sense it was an easy read, straight to the point and easy to understand. Techniques were also very useful. I only wish I had read the bit about hyperventilation sooner as it would have saved me unnecessary heartache.”

Mark Drummond


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